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If you are heading to Arizona or Florida for spring training in 2019, these are the guides you need! Written by ballpark and travel expert Joe Connor, each guide is delivered via e-mail and sent in PDF format.

The Grapefruit League Guide covers the 15 teams that train in Florida. The Cactus League Guide covers the 15 teams that hold spring training in Arizona. Each contains insightful information on the ballparks and cities/areas that host the teams.

Loaded with history, travel tips and links to more information, these spring training guides will save you time and money in planning your trip. Best of all, detailed information about each team is never more than a mouse click away!

Each Guide provides:

  • Complete details on every Spring Training ballpark in Arizona or Florida.
  • How to get to the stadium and where to park.
  • The best seating options and places to get autographs.
  • A history lesson on Spring Training, frequently asked questions answered, and tips to plan your trip.
  • Local airline, rental car and hotel information.
  • Nearby attractions and baseball/sports happenings.
  • Free e-mail advice from the author!


Grapefruit League (Florida) Guide
(102 pages in PDF format)

Cactus League (Arizona) Guide
(95 pages in PDF format)

$24.95 Buy with Paypal
$24.95 Buy with Paypal


Buy both and save the most!

The Ultimate Spring Training Guide

Complete coverage of the Cactus and Grapefruit League
(160 pages in PDF format)
Only $35 Buy with Paypal


How and when will I receive my guide?
All spring training guides are sent via e-mail , as an Abode PDF attachment. Your order will be e-mailed to the address used to complete the transaction, unless you note otherwise. Most orders are fulfilled within 24 hours of purchase.

Not only are the guides comprehensive, but "using the guide is easy, even for a novice computer user," said Marty Strasen in the Tampa Tribune And because they are electronic guides, you are always armed with the latest information unlike guides at the local bookstore that are often outdated!

About Joe Connor
Joe Connor has been to more than 400 ballparks in numerous countries. A freelance writer by trade, he's contributed baseball and sports travel pieces to many major websites, including ESPN, FOX Sports and MLB.
Joe's guides are written from a first person, fans perspective with a budget in mind so you can save time and money in your planning process.

Special Bonus!
As a courtesy to buyers of his guide, Joe will provide free advice by e-mail. Information on this great service is contained within the guide.




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